Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Happenings in the Shop

I have been making progress in adding more supplies and handmade items to my Etsy shop, I also did finally get a web site up, but finding the time to keep editing it everytime I add something to Etsy can be a bit of a pain. I, at this point, am trying not to worry about it too much, it isn't receiving any traffic that I can track and with the same listings being in my Etsy shop is probably not receiving any Google traffic because of the duplication of listings.

On another business note we are getting ready for the fall craft fairs now so that if we end up moving by the end of the year it will be one less stress-er to worry about when the time comes up and we have to go to the venue and set up, hopefully things will already be set and marked and we can semi relax and enjoy meeting the new people and spreading my shop name out there :)
Well it has definitely been awhile, but here is goes :)

Made our first Military donation from the proceeds from the sales in my shop, seeing as I started the promotion in February that is when we started keeping track.
This first quarters donation was made to the USO and was a nice sizable $60 dollar donation, I am sure that it will indeed come in very handy when it comes to helping our troups.
The next quarters donation will go to the Air Force aid society, a few people have made that request and their money has been set aside accordingly.
I am hoping that we can continue to make the sales so that we can continue to make the donations to these worthy causes.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

IBH shop of the Week

My spotlight shop this week is ;

This shop carries a variety of different items, from traditional crocheted items for adults and children, to vintage and wedding items. With this much diversity there has got to be something that you just have to have.

I particularly love these; handmade crochet blue flower flip flop they would be a really cute addition to your summer closet.

And this would be appropriate for the cool weather that is starting to descend on those of us who live in the northern hemisphere; red sparkle ribbon knit scarfWith the cool weather today, I am definitely feeling the need for one of these, Brrrrr !!!!!

If you get a chance, be sure to check out Debbi and Amanda's shop, it could be well worth your time :)

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Newest Finding

I found this great shop in one of my teams the other day;

They offer tons of really helpful options for getting your shop up and running to just tweaking a existing shop.
They can help you with SEO, which I could use. Can redo or even give you a new shop banner, business cards, and can even help you with design of your blog to make everything cohesive. If your shop is in need of revamping, I would highly suggest you go here and see if they can help you, because you just never know what they might come up with to help you make those extra sales.

Monday, August 27, 2012

It's Better Handmade Artist Spotlight

My spotlight shop this week is ;
It is owned by Samantha Sawtelle, her shop is full of some very unique handmade items that she has added her own little flourish to, she turns a simple wallet into a work of art by adding hand painted script and  filigree to it;

One of a Kind Hand Painted Script and Filigree Limited Edition Journeyers Series Green Duck Cloth Large Wallet and Checkbook Holder
She also makes the cutest evening bags :

Small Fantasy Multi-Colored Asian Flower Motif Artist Print "Noriko" Handbag, Evening Purse With Ribbon Tassle
Which has her own personal touch with the cute little ribbon tassel on the bottom of the bag.
These and more can be found in her shop;
Be sure to pay her a visit and tell her Ruth sent you :)

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